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What is home health care?

Home health care is a professional health service that is delivered to patients in the comfort of their homes. The Crossway home health care team consists of Nurses, Rehabilitation therapists (Physical, Occupational, Speech) Medical Social Workers and Home Health Aides. Home health care makes it possible for patients to attain optimum physical, mental and social functioning ability after an illness or injury and also cope with a chronic condition without spending extended days in a hospital or a healthcare facility.

Home health care starts when your primary care physician, attending hospital or rehab doctor deems continued skilled care at home a necessity. Such skilled care services might include but not limited to, continued assessment, treatment,
Non-skilled services such as Home Health Aide are appropriate for acute medical conditions alongside required skilled services such as nursing and therapy. Home health care requires a referral and ongoing oversight from a physician
is appropriate for acute medical conditions that need professional attention from a nurse or therapist (as opposed to an ongoing need for household help or personal care assistance - for this type of service, see Private Duty Care)
Your condition may qualify you for home health care. Ask your physician, hospital care manager, discharge planner, nurse, or social worker for a referral to Crossway Home Care, or call us directly at 855-527-7929
Home health care services are typically covered by the patient's individual health insurance - Medicare, Medicaid, and most health insurance plans. For patients who aren't insured and are in need, we offer a sliding scale payment plan
Core Service

Nursing Services

Nursing care is the core of our services. Crossway Home Care Nurses are highly skilled to assess and provide treatment to patients with every kind of diagnosis and prognosis. We coordinate care with the patient and their physician to organize a plan of care with specific goals. Our Nurses are skilled at physical assessment and listening to patient and family concerns as well as at educating all parties involved.

Based on the assessment, a plan of care is developed that might include but are not limited to; ongoing assessment, pain relief, medication management, treatment, home safety intervention, and helping patients prevent complications. Nurses coordinate care with the patient's physician, especially about any changes in the patient's condition and needs.

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Coping with impact of illness

Medical Social Services

Crossway Home Care Medical Social Workers, assist patients and families in coping with the practical and emotional impact of illness in their relationships as well as their daily lives. Social Workers support the patient's connections to individual, family and community strengths. Through individual counseling, family meetings and advocacy, they assist with resolving conflicts, planning for the future, and coordinating assistance for other needed resources.

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Round the clock nursing services

Home Health Aides

Crossway Homecare provides Home Health Aides to any of our patients who qualify for assistance with personal care, such as bathing, dressing, grooming and personal hygiene. They do this with great compassion and respect all under the supervision of a licensed staff. That being the majority of their work, our Certified Home Health Aides also assist our patients with light duty work around the house such as cleaning the living area, light cooking, and medication reminders alongside with reinforcing the nursing or therapy plan of care.

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Thank you for considering our homecare services. We are dedicated to providing exceptional care and support for you and your loved ones in the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions, need more information, or would like to discuss your specific needs, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 978-683-3000

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